Circulation Policies


A. Library Cards 


  1. Any resident of the state of Ohio may obtain a library card from any outlet of the Lima Public Library.


  1. Patron must show valid ID with photo and local address information.
  2. Patron must provide information requested on the application form.
  3. If they prefer not to give their Social Security number, they may still obtain a card.


Juvenile Cards

  1. The responsible parent or guardian must have a card in good standing.
  2. A parent must be with a juvenile at time of application and sign the financial responsibility statement. Providing the child’s Social Security number and signing for permission to check out videos is optional.
  3. The parent signing for financial responsibility on a juvenile card must pay all fines and charges on their card, as well as any other cards for which they are financially responsible.
  4. Legal guardians must show guardianship papers at time of application in order to sign for financial responsibility.
  5. A juvenile who has been emancipated must show emancipation papers on order to obtain a card without a parent’s signature.


Renewal of Library Card

  1. Renewals can be done in-person, over the phone or by email. A parent must be present with a juvenile. A juvenile who will turn 18 within 3 months, may renew their juvenile card, with proper ID, without a parent’s signature.
  2. All fines and charges must be paid on an existing card in order to renew. The parent signing for financial responsibility must also pay all fines and charges on their card, as well as any other cards for which they are financially responsible.
  3. There is no charge for renewal of cards.


Replacement Cards

  1.  It is FREE to replace lost, or damaged library cards.

Expiration Date

  1. All new, renewed and replacement cards expire two years from the month of issue.
  2. Cards for temporary residents expire at the end of their residency in the area.


Lost or Stolen Cards

  1. A patron is responsible for all materials charged to their card until the card is reported lost or stolen.
  2. A card reported lost or stolen may not be used unless picture ID is presented.


 Institutional Cards

  1. Cards are issued to institutions or organizations who request an institutional card on their letterhead stationery.
  2. Institutional cards are subject to the same rules, regulations, fines, fees and limitations as an individual card. Materials charged out on an institutional card are the financial responsibility of that institution or organization.


 Use of Card

  1. A patron may checkout materials without their library card provided they have valid picture identification.
  2. The card must be current with charges less than $5.00 and have no blocking messages on the patron’s record.
  3. Use of another person’s card is permitted as possession of the card implies consent to use the card.



  1. Access to information on a patron’s record is permitted only to that patron who must provide their card or picture identification.
  2. A patron wishing to pay the fines of another individual may be given the fine amount but information regarding specific titles may not be given.
  3. A patron must give their library barcode or other identifying information in order to receive access to their library record over the phone.

B. Circulation of Materials
Limits: A patron may have a maximum of 50 items charged on a card at any one

  1. The maximum fine on an item is equal to the replacement cost of the item.
  2. If a patron has $5.00 or more in fines, they can not use their card until all fines are paid.

Return of Materials

  1. All materials except Art Prints may be returned to any outlet of the Lima Public Library.
  2. Art Prints, Mobile Hotspots, Tablet Computers, and Board Games may not be returned to the Book Drop.



  1. Materials may be renewed three times for the original loan period.
  2. Items with a hold list may not be renewed.
  3. All outstanding fines must be paid on an item before it may be renewed.
  4. Renewals may be done over the telephone or online provided there are no holds on the item and the item is not overdue.


Additional Charges

  1. The charge for a lost or damaged item is the replacement cost plus any overdue fines on the item.  The replacement cost of a lost and paid item is refunded provided the lost item is found within 3 months of the due date.
  2. The charge for a lost or damaged book on CD is $10.00 per individual disk. If several discs or the entire item are missing the full replacement cost may be charged. There is no refund for a found book on CD if the item has been reordered.
  3. Charges for other missing or damaged parts of an item are as follows:
  • Audiobook case $5.00
  • Bags for Juvenile audio items $1.00
  • DVD cases $5.00
  • CD case- Single $0.85, Double $2.00
  • Items which are damaged but still usable are charged fees dependent on the extent of the damage.



  1. Holds can be placed for all materials except DVDs.
  2. Holds may be placed in person, by telephone, or online. Please contact the reference desk at 419-228-5113 extension 128.