The Lima Public Library welcomes those interested in employment to fill out an application and return it to the library.  Completed applications are kept on file for 1 year.  If, in that time, a position opens for which an applicant is qualified, the library may be in touch.

Application for Employment

Available Positions:

Job Classification 
Page 16 hours/week. $8.80 per hour
Preferred qualifications
Ability to put items in alphabetical and numerical order.
Ability to follow written and oral instructions
Knowledge of library materials and formats
Must be able to reach and bend to access book shelves at all heights
Must be able to push occasionally heavy book carts
Must work well with minimum supervision
Must be able to work Saturdays.
Typical Duties
Shelving materials throughout the library
Emptying the outside book drops
Tidying shelves and public areas
Correcting items that are misshelved