Lima Library Ambassadors

Library Ambassadors value the library and promote its resources and services to other members of the Lima/ Allen County community. 

Library Ambassadors:​

  • Suggest ways for the library to improve based on feedback they hear from members of the community.​

  • Promote library events to people in their social circle and encourage attendance to others who would enjoy the event.​

  • Inform people of library services and resources during normal conversations at work, at home, with friends, and with other civic organizations.

Library Ambassadors are expected to:​

  • Attend and actively participate in library events including occasional meetings specifically for ambassadors.​

  • Be familiar with the Lima Public Library’s services and calendar of events.​

  • Refer Lima/ Allen County community members to the library’s resources and services.​

  • Provide tailored library experiences to your network of family, friends and coworkers to encourage their knowledge and use of the library.​

What is the benefit to you?​

  • Stay in the loop on upcoming library events and new services.​

  • Contribute ideas to shape new events and services.​

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the library.​

  • Serve the Lima/ Allen County community.​

If you want to become a Library Ambassador, you need to:​

  • Fill out the application below.​

  • Get familiar with the library and take our quizzes (linked below).​

  • Begin bringing people to the library for a tour or recommending services to those in your network.​

  • Attend Library Ambassador meetings for updates & review e-mails from the library regarding new services.​

Library Ambassador Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the library, maybe you'll even learn something new!

Library Structure Quiz

Library Policies Quiz

Digital Services Quiz

Services in the Library Quiz

Library Events Quiz