Test Proctoring

Lima Public Library Test Proctoring Policy
Students who would like to take a proctored exam at LPL will need to fill out a request form first in order to schedule the test. We will not proctor an unscheduled exam (no walk-ins) and we would prefer to schedule an exam at least one week in advance, if possible.
Students are responsible for verifying with their academic institution whether the library is an acceptable proctoring location. The student is also responsible for giving our contact information to the academic institution and making sure we receive any testing materials and instructions necessary to proctor to the exam. If the library does not receive the testing materials from the academic institution at least 24 hours before testing, the student will be contacted about postponing or cancelling their exam time.
We will not provide direct supervision (continuous monitoring) for test-takers nor can we provide a hardline internet connection (our computers use wi-fi). Online tests that require special downloads or installed software will not be permitted.
Students are expected to arrive on time and bring any necessary test-taking materials (pencils/pens, calculators, etc.) with them. Students will be required to present ID before taking their test.
Proctoring is only available at the main branch of LPL during regular business hours. Testing should be completed at least thirty minutes before closing.
We will follow the academic institution’s guidelines for returning test materials, but we will not receive grades from the institution for the student, nor will we grade the test itself.
If the student cannot make the schedule test time for any reason, they will need to inform the library as soon as possible.