Remote Research Request Policy

Remote Research Policy

The Lima Public Library strives to provide the best resources and services to meet the needs of the citizens of Allen County. The Library further recognizes its role as a regional information provider and its commitment to the health and well being of the greater library world.

In-house library use allows the Library the opportunity to educate patrons in the use of resources. The independent and self-guided researcher is our educational goal. When that educational opportunity and patron’s personal use is not possible, the equitable use of limited resources requires some guidelines for remote requests and requests outside our service area.

Research Guidelines: Total research time cannot exceed 2 hours.

Obituaries: The Lima Public Library maintains an index of obituaries appearing in the Lima papers from 1884 to the present time. Please provide the name of the deceased, as well as date of death (if known.)


1. Submit request by calling the library at 419-228-5113 ext. 1 or emailing the Reference Department at

2. Make your request for information as specific as possible. We may be required to contact you for clarification, so please provide your contact information. 

3. Specify method of delivery of the information. Provide mailing address and phone number and email address if applicable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Reference Department of the Lima Public Library at 419-228-5113 ext. 1.